How to install your ELD system

Installing your ELD system is not complicated, First locate your data diagnostic port. It will either be a 6 pin or a 9 pin connection. The cable sent to you will fit appropriately.

Plug in the female end of the supplied cable into the male end coming from your truck. This can be done by putting the cables together until you feel them mate. Then, twist the locking mechanism until there is a “click.” This will ensure that the cable is locked and will maintain a secure connection.

Next, plug in the provided ECM device into the OBDII port that is on the provided cable.

To power on the device, the Accessory power must be powered on. Either turn the key to accessory, or start the truck. (preferred)

To connect to your device, you must first turn on the Bluetooth on your tablet. Enter the settings menu on your tablet and turn on Bluetooth. Your tablet should automatically start searching for pairable devices. (Remember to make sure your truck is on and the device is plugged in.) In the list of pairable devices, you should see “ELD/HOS.” Select this to pair your tablet with the device. The code to pair is 1234.

Once you have successfully paired with the device, log into your HOS application with your assigned credentials. It is now time to connect the device with your application. There is a yellow bar at the top of the HOS page with a Connect button. Select this connect button and press Manual Connection. On the next screen, select the ELM 327(BAFX) (J1939) for 9 pin device or select ELM 325 (J1708) for a 6 pin device. Once you have selected your model device, select next and a device serial number will be shown on the next screen. Select the number, (there should only be one if you only have one in your vicinity,) and press connect. Your tablet will now connect to your device. You will know if your tablet is connected by the disappearance of the yellow line and the Connect button. The antenna icon will now appear to be broadcasting.

Congratulations! You are now connected and can start to log your driving.

Feel free to contact your account manager at if you have any questions or call 1800-968-1869

Installation Video for PT30

1. DO NOT pair Bluetooth in your phone/tablet settings. The connection will be established in the HOS app.

However, if your phone/tablet prompts you or asks you for permission to turn on Bluetooth, you need to do that since Bluetooth is needed for the device to communicate with the app.

2. First, plug the device into the vehicle port, BEFORE turning on the vehicle and BEFORE running the HOS app.

3. You should see a slow flashing green LED, indicating that the device is powered. You should also see a flashing red LED, indicating that the internal GPS is in acquisition mode. A solid red LED indicates that the signal is locked, but you can proceed to the next step without waiting for GPS lock.

4. Turn on the vehicle engine.

5. You should see a fast flashing green LED, indicating that vehicle bus activity has been detected.

6. After the green LED becomes solid, the device is registered on the vehicle bus and you can run the HOS app.

7. From this point on, the device will have and retain the information it needs, such as VIN, to communicate with the app via Bluetooth Low Energy. Note that for power management reasons, sometimes the LEDs will not stay on.

For software setup, follow instructions in the HOS app or installation guide that comes with it.
ELD Mandate HOS User Guide
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PT30 Installation Guide
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HOS Quick Reference Guide
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