Dale N
Karavan Express LLC (CEO)

I had a great experience with ELD Mandate. When i called the company at around midnight i was able to speak with one of their representatives, Edward Miller. He was very thorough about answering all of my questions and even was willing to walk me through the steps of how to properly navigate through all of their online platform details. I appreciate the caring and hard work of Edward and i highly recommend using their services to anyone. I believe their customer service is second to none in this industry because they do care about customers! Thanks a lot!

Akop Ashchyan

I had a word with one of the executive. He really helped me with my problem with ELD mandate. Edward was very helpful to install the EDL in my truck.


Hi , my name is Balbinder . company (Rai ) I am writing this for Jerry . He help me a lot today with my logbook . I am Completely satisfied with him . Thanks

Bhupinder Singh

Hello Jerry this is Bhupinder Singh The owner of A&V Tricking I really apreciate you did a great job in resolving My issue thank you ELD mandate


Awesome application! I have been using it on regular basis. I have also used the DOT inspection occasionally and had an amazing experience. Happy to use.


It is an ideal app and highly useful! I am very satisfied therefore recommend others.


User-friendly app, easy to use, simple navigation. It provides perfect assistance in case you have a question!


For the very first time, I have a tool that keeps me free from the hassle. It’s a great app and I do not have to worry about the hours of service as well as the electronic logbook.


I have stopped worrying about my D.O.T analysis of my paper logs. It automatically informs me about my restart though in a particular order.


This is an amazing app as it helps in keeping a track of everything. It keeps my fuel receipts secure. It also warns me when I am reaching HOS limits or brakes.


I received a prompt response! It quickly calculates and sends the alert of the violations made by me. Highly recommend!


The high-end app, it is built with sound functioning and is proved to be the best on several occasions. I use this frequently!


Having no paperwork is an outstanding option. The app allows line drawing and all necessary things on the phone. Thank you for the brilliant creation.


The use is phenomenal! Its functioning is as smooth as a breeze. The entire task becomes easy with this app.


The app does all the paperwork and is great for making a complete inspection. One can use this as and when needed.


This is the best application till date. I am enjoying every bit of this app and propose others for usage!


I provide full grades to this app as it is the best in the market.


I started using ELD compliance and experienced the joy of easy map-reading!


GPS tracking facility enables locating the vehicles thus keeping an eye on the truck drivers and increased productivity.


I had a minute to minute update about the truck without paying much for using human support. Experience an error-free service with the help of this technology!


I could view the log history of the drivers with the electronic logbook. The app allows easy management and quick accessing.


You could locate your truck. The vehicle owner can see the actual location and the real time. Use and be delighted!


Organized communication between the driver and the dispatch location. It is such a useful app!


Managers can send multiple messages at a time. I was rescued from a major loss because of this facility.


It allows the creation of virtual perimeters for tracking the vehicles during the entry and exit. Take advantage of the facilities.


The most amazing function of this app is tracking of idle time. it enables me in saving quite a lots of money.


It is the exact time to use an ELD! It the time for using the best logbook app for accurate outcomes.


You can read the review about the truck drivers before hiring with the help of this app. Check out the app for smooth usage.


I could receive a message from the driver about the current location and the progress using the messaging feature.


I could improve the vehicle maintenance task with the help of ELD mandate and receive alerts with the help of this app.


You can analyze the performance of the fleet and make the necessary changes. I have experienced the difference! Now it’s your time.


Use the multiple features of electronic logbook app and track your vehicle along with log auditing privileges. It was an amazing experience!


Are you worried about the violations? Use this app, it does the math for you and sends the alerts on your phone.


You will receive alarms on reaching the HOS limit. Your documents are secured with this application. I refer others and enjoy its usage!

Jagrup Tandi

My name is JAGRUP TANDI and I have just changed my company’s name from JAG TRANSPORT to TANDI EXPRESS INC. I called ELD Mandate to update my information. Mr. Jerry Kay helped me to update everything including my company’s profile. I do appreciate his help and I am very thankful to him.

Balwinder Mann

Hi this is balwinder mann from FTK XPRESS INC I called Eld mandate for regarding my queries Mr.jerry kay he walk me through the step and guided me through all my queries high class customer service I m fully satisfied with jerry kay from Eld mandate.

Manpreet Singh

Hey This Manpreet Singh from Sahi TransportI inc I had word with bella from Eld Mamdate her services and advices help lots .she guided me how use the log .

Sukhraj Bal

This is Sukhraj bal from bal bros inc. I would like to thank Bella swan from ELD mandate biz. She helped me very well for my logs. She is very helpful and cooperative. Thank you so much Bella.

Baljinder Singh

Nora from ELD Mandate did a very good job. The best part of conversation was she understands all. And she perfectly know how to do her job. My business name is cmxcarrier

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