Telematics/Asset Tracking

Record driving time with ease

This feature allows the owner to known where the driver is. This ensures prompt service from the dispatch team. As soon as a truck enters a warehouse, the team can start unloading right away and very little time is wasted of the trucking company and the driver. These updates will also prove that timely deliveries were done. Additionally, the owners can create geofences around the yards and other areas. As soon as any unwanted vehicle will enter the area, instant notification will be sent so that prompt action can be taken against possible theft. This will also be useful to know if a truck is on the road when it’s supposed to be. These notifications can save a lot of time and make real-time tracking possible.

At times, drivers are unnecessarily detained at the warehouses. The time lapse between the truck's entry and exit notification will let managers know if the truck was detained unnecessarily. This feature allows notifications to be sent well in advance that the truck will be arriving which give the workers ample time to prepare themselves. Detention costs can be saved with this feature.

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