Smart Dashcam

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Smart dashcams are not about privacy intrusion. Rather, they safeguard the driver. Dashcams are designed to make a trucker’s work easier. Dashcams record or give live updates of the view in front of the road, just the way a driver views it. Owners can watch their driver’s view whenever they want real-time updates. The owner knows exactly what’s going on and the driver knows in case of any mishap or accident, the video footage will speak for the driver. Additionally, events such as hard brakes, hard accelerations, and hard turns can be captured using data from the dashcam. This can help drivers and fleet managers keep reports of driving safety.

The road-facing dashcam captures the video of what’s ahead of the driver. The dual-facing camera on the other hand, captures the video of what’s going on in the road as well as what’s going on inside the truck. This further allows a driver to prove innocence as the inside footage will speak about the driver’s behavior during any question of misconduct. The owners can plug-in and start watching and recording in a few minutes. Video footage can be retrieved to ease the insurance claims during any on-duty accident. The smart dashcam is a protective device that does its work intelligently. Additionally, certain insurance costs can be reduced when a truck is fitted with a dashcam.

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