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Contacting the truck drivers in their own phones can be quite a task for both the owner as well as the driver. While driving, it is difficult to take the phone out and reply to the messages sent by the manager and the manager will not have real-time updates. With the messaging option of ELD Mandate, the owners and the drivers will be able to sent each other queries and updates from the dashboard itself. This will not hinder the driving and the owner will also be able to chat with the driver easily. Moreover, the driver’s safety has been ensured with the no-interruption feature. The messages do not blink or ping when the vehicle is in motion.

The company can add the truck drivers in one group and send messages there. The drivers can respond back with answers and updates that include photos and document. This ensures that the fleet knows what is happening with whom. This will make the task of uniting the team of drivers quite easy for the managers. However, the broadcast feature sends a private message to a number of drivers at once. The two-way feature allows the trucking company to contact and keep it updated about the performance of the driver during the entire trip. Also, this setting allows the sender to know who had read the messages when. This ensures transparency of work.

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