GPS Tracking

Record driving time with ease

Real-time performance check. Every time. GPS tracking provides the owner real-time location of the fleet along with the status of Hours of Service. This information helps effective fleet management. With GPS tracking, real data is at hand that doesn’t leave any room for speculation or false information. The real data helps the owner know where the truck is exactly, how long the driver was working and how many more hours can be worked. Additionally, this data can help fleet managers see how a truck driver is doing according to daily plans. The drivers will not have to give any updates to the owners as the owners will themselves know the location and HOS status of the driver.

Receiving phone calls and updating the fleet managers can be a hassle for the truck drivers and can also cause distraction to the drivers. With the accurate GPS tracking, tracking of the assets is sorted. Additionally, the tracking history will help to prepare the driver evaluation chart at the end of the year. If the location remains static for quite some time, the owners will know that the respective driver needs help or rescue. These updates will also help other drivers when they will be assigned the same route.

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