Our Electronic Logging Device system has been put together to aid carriers and their drivers to switch from a manual log book and to make the Electronic Logging Device system as simple and straightforward as possible. The job of fleet managers, drivers and truckers becomes much easier with the introduction of the FMCSA ELD mandate in the USA.

electronic logging devices

FMCSA ELD Compliance:

  • Logs stored for a minimum of six months on the server
  • HOS automation
  • Auto archiving of required DOT & HOS violations
  • Forms
  • Back-office solutions for reporting and management
  • Instant report transfer for roadside stops
  • Auto reporting of errors in logs through the advanced keep trucking app
logbook app

Cost-effective Implementation:

  • Lowest overall cost out of all major ELD providers
  • Different plans targeted to each possible user
  • No Upfront cost on ELD units (on some plans)
  • Monthly Pricing

Online Storage:

  • System was made to administer API requests
  • Owners can check vehicle from the home or office
  • All details are accessible 24*7 on internet from anywhere with online availability
  • All details are in the cloud
  • Systems can be linked to company websites to track their own loads

Flexible Device:

  • System only requires a Bluetooth capable tablet or smart phone with an Internet plan to work
  • The ELD platform logbook app supports both IOS and Android platforms for tablets and smart phones
  • Drivers can simply switch trailers and units and advance to be DOT compliant
  • ELD is simply equipped through hardwire into the Units engine/ecm

Vehicle Diagnostic And Statistical Information:

  • Odometer Readings
  • On and Off Ignition
  • Fuel Tracking and Fuel Burn
  • Trip mapping and global positioning
  • Vehicle Speed and RPM’s
  • Travel and Stop Status Tracking

IFTA Tax Automation:

  • Quarterly reports automatically manipulated
  • Precise report upload/import with fuel details (If you have regular reports)
  • Trip Log automation
  • Place to place mileage tracking
  • Make filing tax reports simple by unit and by fleet
  • Refuel entry and tracking


  • Track and reduce emissions
  • Affordable fuel costs
  • Reduce breakdowns
  • Potentially lower insurance premiums
  • Automatically collect VINs*


  • Equip automatic alerts to be received when vehicles are not in service
  • Set alerts to remember service requirements for the truck by date, hours of use or vehicle mileage
  • Schedule reminders
  • Track past services
  • Administer fleet maintenance through best electronic logging devices

The logbook system was exclusively developed around providing stand-alone compliance devices for the forthcoming ELD Mandate. The devices are blue-tooth enabled, simple to install and ideal for fleets looking for quick and compliant ELD solutions.