Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer technical support if I need help?

Can I view my vehicles from my smartphone or the Internet at home?

Will I have to pay for upgrades to the software?

Is the device hidden? Will my employees see it?

Do you offer Financing for Equipment?

Will there be a visible antenna?

How Does It Work?

Will I be able to see my vehicle in real time?

Do you offer ELD (Electronic Logging Devices), or HOS (hours of service) reports.

When you say “we have to account for every mile & engine hour” what happens if truck is idling while driver is sleeping, is this an exception?

What is AOBRD? What is EOBR? What is ELD? What is ELog?

Is electronic logging required?

My drivers do their logs on laptops and smartphones. Are those considered ELogs?

What does a driver using an ELD have to do at a roadside inspection?

Do drivers using ELogs (AOBRDs or ELDs) ever have to print out logs for an inspector?

What benefits come with use of electronic logs?

What happens if an AOBRD stops working?

What happens if an ELD stops working?

Can the FMCSA request our GPS records during an audit?

What has to be carried on the vehicle in addition to the ELD itself?

What is the definition of harassment in the ELD mandate?

What is the definition of an ELD, and how is it different from the other electronic devices in use?

Who is required to use an Electronic Logging Device (ELD)?

When do the ELD regulations go into effect?

Isn’t there legal action against the ELD Rule regarding the privacy issue?

Does an ELD affect vehicle operation?

What is ELD event data recording?

What about privacy concerns?

Many of us don’t have a background in trucking. How do we learn more about the rules and operational workflow of the HOS?

Are the Canadian province HOS rules coming?

Are engine diagnostics included in the package or is it an option?

Does the app continually run in the tablet? If so, is there a way to turn it off?

What happens if driver’s phone or tablet is powered off? Does it received all the data from the ELD device once it is powered back on?

What happens when a phone call comes in to the driver while they are driving?

Can two drivers be connected to the same ELD device with two different phones or tablets? Could co-driving be done this way?

Is VIN passed from the ECM to the app?

If there is a defect on the pre-trip DVIR, will that prevent the truck from going on the trip?

Is the location just the city; or is it a specific address?

Does the app allow or will allow the ability to fax logs?

Does the ELD mandate only requires distance from the city?

Are all trucks with SAEJ1939 Type 2 connectors supported?

In Driver Status List I did not see a “Personal” time. i.e. Drivers who use the truck to go to lunch during off-time

Are miles & states still recorded during “personal use” for use in filing IFTA taxes?

Is Waiting at Well Site a required status?

Will the app also give sound warnings to driver?

When the driver pulls over to sleep, how do you switch to Sleeper Berth?

I see on the event screen, the odometer is in miles, I’ve seen the location in in miles also; Is KMs coming?

How is yard time calculated when connected to the ELD/ECM? Is it mph threshold and can is be adjusted; if so how?

Are both ENGINE HOURS and ODOMETER required data elements from ELD device?

What happens if the app does not receive all expected data from the ECM?

When the driver pulls over to sleep, how do you switch to Sleeper Berth?

For the average user how much data is used monthly to transfer data to your server?