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According to FMCSA, a long-haul driver can only drive for 11 hours in a 14 hours working day. It is also required that the driver takes a compulsory 30 minutes break after the first 8 hours of driving. These Hours of Service have been stipulated so that there is a good work and rest balance. Through the ELD HOS feature, ELD Mandate will show real-time record of the time the driver has already driven and how many hours are left before calling it a day.

This feature will not only ensure the owners that their drivers are complying by the rules, the drivers will also know when their duty hours are up. The real-time tracking will make the working environment all the more easy for a driver. For an owner, it will mean less reliance on paperwork and also having live data at hand. Lastly, all trucks require an ELD device and ELD mandate is FMCSA approved and keeps every truck in compliance.

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