ELD Devices at Your Service

To simplify the complete process of the trucking industry, from tracking HOS to complete report formation, ELD Device will be at your assistance. You will be able to get real-time Hours of Service status while you are driving.

Fully Secure and Updated Keep Trucking App

ELD devices have been developed with the latest technology so that you can take usea wide range of applications with constant software updates. This will assist you to be up to date with all relevant rules which need to be followed by the respective driver. Our experts will explain to you the complete process of the Electronic Logging Device so that it becomes simple to maintain while on the road. This is the most economical solution to manage you trucking needs in a simple manner.

While not working, you can change the option in the device so the managers and dispatchers are updated. You can also deliver the goods within the required time as you will have the detailed report regarding complete track history.

The device is extremely easy to use so that the vehicle and the goods are always secure and tracked.