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Why ELD Mandate as Your ELD Compliance Partner

To make the complete process of trucking simpler and smoother, ELD mandate will assist you with the most affordable ELD solution. There are lots of reasons why a number of vehicles have considered ELD Mandate as their ELD compliance partner.

Advanced Solutions Provided by Tracking Device

Here at ELD Mandate, our professionals will always assist you if there is any sort of exception or error. We will be there for instant support for your Electronic Logging device. With this device, you can secure your vehicle and goods you are carrying in an advanced way. The benefits include:

• Inspection time is reduced

• Audit procedures are passed in a secure manner

• Any violations can be tracked

• With the visibility of hours of service of the drivers, the time taken for maintenance will be reduced

• The vehicle can be tracked live with updated truck log book, while on the move

As soon as there is any sort of violation of process, the system or the device will give an alert to the respective manager and the driver. In this way, the security will be enhanced and will assist the driver to be relaxed about the security of the goods. Our support is the reason why a number of drivers have selected us as their ELD compliance partner.