Electronic Driver Logs for Truckers

Complete Track of Your Driving Log

ELD Mandate’s prime objective is to connect users with their firm to provide compliance and knowledge about driver’s hours of service. Earlier, when everything was managed manually, this was a tough task. However, after the introduction of the best ELD devices the entire process has become simpler, easier, smarter and more result-driven.

ELD and it’s Uses

The electronic logging device was created as an alternative to the paper based logs of the past. It tracks the real-time status of the vehicle and is also able to provide complete security to goods carried by the respective driver. The latest ELD comparison chart will help one understand how to determine the best device in the market. The electronic logging device is

• Equipped with Bluetooth to share reports instantly

• Extremely simple and easy to install and maintain

• Perfect for wide range commercial vehicles seeking ELD compliance

The electronic logging device comes with an advanced operating system. At the backend, the product server exclusively allows for basic vehicle and driver set up and can maintain reports of each vehicle and driver. Our convenient and easy to use interface offers a great experience for the driver.