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Alert & Tags Asset Tracker/Dashcam Updates

By Vineet Baid on July 16, 2021

Our engineering team has been hard at work to deliver modules that our customers have been asking for. In this round of updates, we are proud to present our Asset Tracker & DashCam Clients with an easy-to-use module to allow them to manage their drivers & trucks.


We have modernized all the designs for our Alerts module for both Android & iOS. 

  • Easily Create/Update/View Alerts
  • Choose when to be alerted
  • Choose who to alert

Geofence Alerts

  • Get an alert any time your driver/trailer comes inside or outside a particular GeoFence
  • Select which assets (Trucks/Trailers) this applies to
  • This can be immensely useful to be notified any time a vehicle reaches or leaves the yard
  • Be able to notify yourself, external customers, or anyone you need regarding the status of your vehicle


Speed & Battery Alerts

  • Be notified anytime your vehicle's Asset Tracker or DashCam is going above a certain speed limit
  • Be notified anytime your Asset Tracker is below a certain battery percentage
  • Very useful to see which one of your drivers are driving safely



  • A tag is a way to group together multiple Assets. Common Examples can be: Based on Location (Lot), Based on Customer, Based on Type of Load
  • By assigning tags to an asset, you can also choose to setup Alerts for Tags as pictured in the 'Alert Me When' section above. For example, if you want to be alerted when your assets/dashcam arrive at their Lot - you could group all those assets as part of that lot
  • You can assign multiple tags to individual assets to fit your needs as well

With all these modules, we are hard at work to modernize all facets of our software & deliver the best in class experience regardless of if you own one truck or thousands.


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