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ELD Mandate

Tracking trucks during hours of service is a prime concern for any fleet operator or fleet manager. With the help of a trucking app, the movement of trucks and drivers can be seen far easily. ELD or Electronic Logging Device is the new way of keeping track of trucks when the drivers are with the shipment. In the USA, one can look for the best electronic logging device from a professional company.            

Importance of fleet

Fleet means a group of vehicles which is owned or leased by enterprises or other businesses to deliver goods from one place to another. One aspect of fleet tracking is monitoring and checking the hours of services of the drivers and the vehicles that are owned or leased by an organization. As a fleet operator, it can be important to know when and how the vehicles are driven on the roads during duty hours. With the advent of electronic logging devices, the tracking becomes smarter, faster, easier, and accurate.

ELD devices

The User Interface is very user-friendly. There are tech companies who work to develop and update these devices. One can operate the system with zero or minimal training. Drivers can operate it with limited knowledge about GPS tracking.

Elog mandate   

Application of the electronic logs for truckers is actually a benefit, not only to the fleet managers but also to the truckers as well. Elogbook mandate enables a driver to record his hours of service efficiently and more flawlessly in a faster way. It also ensures a sound and unambiguous relationship between the truck owners and the drivers, as there is a lower chance of dishonesty involved on the driver’s part.  As a result, drivers are almost forced to drive prudently as their activities are recorded on the digital device. There are many service providers in the USA who offer quality devices at an affordable cost, so all the truckers enjoy these benefits.

If someone is looking for the best electronic logging devices in the entire USA, he or she can contact ELD Mandate. Their prices are economical while having reliable hardware and software loaded with modern features to help in all the aspects of the job. They are a registered body and self-certified with FMCSA. Please visit their website for more updates.     


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