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ELD Mandate

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA has stated and emphasised the fact that all long haul commercial vehicles should be braced with an FMCSA compliant electronic logging device by December 18th, 2017, the first deadline to comply with the elog mandate. Failing to do that would result in going out of business because any commercial motor vehicle operating in the long distance without a standard electronic logging device would be declared out of service and hence made redundant.

It has been stated by many involved in the transport business that the hefty prices and the exorbitant cost of installation of the electronic logging devices are out of their reach. Some havevoiced their concern about the fact that the mandate may even violate the privacy rights of a trucker. This fact is, however, erroneous. The electronic logging devices price is reasonable and this mandate does not probe into privacy of a trucking company. A host of other benefits are also offered by the ELDs like logbook auditing and advanced GPS tracking. These devices are thoroughly compliant with the ELD mandate and are updated at regular intervals to keep up with the changing and modifying rules and regulations.

There are many reliable service providers in the USA who offer high quality ELD devices for sale at affordable prices. This means no trucker has to deprive himself of the numerous advantages of the electronic logging devices and can get qualified to operate safely across the length and breadth of the USA.

The ELDs have been designed to track the hours of service of a driver and complete the documentation process automatically and accurately.The ELDs also record all the on duty,not driving and on-duty and off-duty status of the truckers.

The ELDs display the record of duty status graphically so that drivers can be aware of their HOS limits. This helps to avert any unintentional or deliberate hours of service breaches and also any penalty or fine levied to the driver due to the lapse in documented logs.

By recording the HOS and averting its breach the device allows the drivers to get adequate rest in between shifts and thus avoid fatal accidents. This also ensures the security of the vehicle, the shipment and the driver’s life.

It is an advanced operating system that automatically alerts the respective manager and the driver in case of any violation.

The ELDs are capable of providing information that can be addressed for enforcement of traffic laws as per the Government.


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