Fleet Tracking System: Track Trucker Details On the Go

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ELD Mandate

Having an opportunity to track the number of hours for which a truck has been moving on the highways is a blessing for operators. After all, this enables them to know the actual time range when the truckers are really working. Given the significance of the process for the transport operators, a robust fleet tracking system in the form of ELD Mandate has been introduced. The implementation of the fleet management system does not only help operators be aware of the efficiency of truckers but also lets the latter be more responsible for enjoying proper control over the sedans.


With Electronic Logging Device, Transport Operators Take a Sigh of Relief

Yes. A logging device comes up with technologically advanced features that allow operators to stay connected with truckers, irrespective of the distance they are at from them. ELD Mandate has been designed and developed as an easy-to-access tool so that even the operators who are non-tech-savvy could easily navigate through and use it effectively. The process of installation of the fleet tracking system is very simple if steps are followed in a sequence. The system is completely automatic and hence, there is no requirement for manual documentation anymore.


With ELD Tools, Truckers Have Turned Responsible

Well, the manual maintenance of the driving time did not guarantee the exact number of hours truckers rode their sedan on a trip. Did it? May be or maybe not. However, with ELD Mandate that keeps a check on the rides 24/7, the drivers are required to fill in the “Driving” as well as “No Driving” time to make it easier for the transport owners to calculate their exact number of hours of service for a particular trip. The electronic log device has also made it possible for the transport owner to identify their loyal drivers and catch the ones who have been inactive on the roadways.


How Does ELD Mandate Help?

With user-friendly features, the tool manages to be one of the most efficient fleet tracking solutions for both operators as well as truckers. The complete report related to individual trucker’s service hours is automated and hence whatever is filled in by users, it gets submitted online, thereby saving a lot of time and effort of both the transport operators as well as the drivers. With our easy-to-access ELD Mandate tool, you can also track the use of fuel on a particular drive. The best thing is that the report is stored in the system for six months and hence you can access the same as and when you require.


We, at ELD Mandate, offer efficient service and support team as we understand you may need assistance at any stage of operating the device. With our representatives, you get instant help and this is what has made us popular among US transport owners. Above all, we make sure to keep you updated if any software upgrade is available along with doing it for you with no extra charges applicable.


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