FMCSA ELD Device Follows the Standards and Makes Tracking Efficient and Accurate

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ELD Mandate

When a technological device is developed to help people, the first and foremost thing that a developer needs to keep in mind is the compliance. No matter how convenient a device is for use for individuals, if it does not comply with the standard rules and regulations of a state or country, it is useless to keep. Being an e logging device designer and developer, we, at ELD Mandate, have always been conscious enough in ensuring that the tool we introduce is FMCSA-compliant, which is a must for American fleet tracking systems.


What is FMCSA?

FMCSA stands for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which takes care of the rules and regulations that sedans follow on the American roads. The FMCSA ELD comprises of rules that emphasize the creation of a safe and secure working environment for drivers while making it easier for them to go digital in filling up their ride-related details for particular trips. With the FMCSA-compliant e logging devices, it is easier to track and manage the Records of Duty Status, or RODS, details, which can thereby be shared with the authorized entities.


How Does FMCSA ELD Work?

An FMCSA-compliant ELD Mandate e logging device is synchronized with the engine of the vehicles and is subject to tracking or recording the driving time of drivers. The process is fully automatic and hence the level of accuracy in recording the exact hours of service, or HOS, is significantly high. The FMCSA login facility to the ELD tool allows transport operators to enjoy complete access to the device to keep checking the activities of drivers, who are driving far off from them, from time to time. The operators can connect to the synced device via their mobile phones, tablets, laptops or any portable device. Our ELD Mandate logging device offers an extremely easy-to-access interface to operators who are looking forward to having a look at the activity log of their drivers.


A Quick Glance at the Benefits of FMCSA ELD

As soon as you choose ELD Mandate as your electronic logging service provider, you get access to the most efficient tracking devices in the USA. Some of the practical advantages that you get, when you have this device to assist you, have been listed below:

• The log records are stored in the database for at least six months.

• Hours of Services are automatically tracked and recorded.

• No DOT & HOS violations allowed. If done, it will be automatically archived.

• A robust support team for instant help as and when required

• Report transfer on-the-go

• Log errors are automatically reported


At ELD Mandate, Instant Assistance is Guaranteed

Though the FMCSA ELD has been developed keeping in mind the convenience of users, still, at times, operators or drivers may find it complicated to use the device. This is when our robust support group appears to be of great help. No matter which hour of the day or which remote location you get stuck to, our representatives will make sure you are guided properly. Besides letting you know the violations that you are involved in and the device errors, which may be affecting the accuracy level of the e-log management, our professionals also provide you significant ways of dealing with such issues.


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