Electronic Logbook Easing the Stress in Commercial Transportation

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ELD Mandate

Any motor vehicle which is used for the purpose of paid transportations, either for goods or for passengers, is a commercial vehicle. The specialty of a commercial vehicle is that the engine of a commercial vehicle is always updated while most personal cars are not. Hence, in order to record the working of a commercial engine, an electronic logbook is installed in the engine of a commercial vehicle.


What is an electronic logbook?


An electronic logbook is a software which is used to record the conditions of complex machines like aircraft, nuclear plants, board ships and many others. This is generally used in commercial vehicles which helps in recording the duration that the engine has been running. An electronic logbook is a replacement to the paper based logbook because paper based logbooks might be too tedious and could include some fraudulent information as well. 

It also shows the hours of operation which may be used to calculate the fares or generate a cost of the distance travelled. This also helps the driver to work on a rotational basis as it shows the duration the engine has been working. Electronic logbooks have also replaced electronic on-board recorders because those lacked standardization. 


Functions of an Electronic logbook:


An Electronic logbook should –

  • Hook up to the commercial vehicle’s engine to trace if the vehicle is turned on.
  • Permit the driver to choose the status of work whether he is on duty or off duty; drive sectors must be involuntarily chosen based on movement of the vehicle.
  • Display a documentation of duty position graphically, so it is convenient for the driver to see the hours worked in the day.
  • Present information in a uniform way which can also be turned into the law for compliance purposes in a number of approved ways.

According to the government of the USA, keeping an electronic logbook is very affordable. The earlier considered mode of recording- paper based logbook, required a lot of money for filling and submitting the Record Of Duty Status (RODS) and also, this involved the use of a lot of time and labor as well. Whereas with an Electronic logbook, you need to pay only on a yearly basis and everything else is taken care of.

ELD mandate is one of the most reputed names for purchasing Electronic logbooks as the government has issued an eld mandate on the entire USA.


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