Eld Mandate The Trucker Friendly Solutions Of Modern Era

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ELD Mandate

The ELD Mandate was declared by the FMCSA along with a deadline only to make it necessary for all commercial trucker in the USA to install ELD devices in their truck engines. This mandate means to administer a more convenient method of accurately tracking, managing, documenting and saving records of duty status. This system also creates a safer working environment for the truckers and also at all times of their duty period.

The ELD mandate for truckers was introduced in the trucking industry with the intent of simplifying the process of recording the hours of service status of truck drivers.

It is a fact that FMCSA ELD helps the governing authority maintain a standardised record of tracking of HOS for all the long haul commercial motor vehicles all over the USA, but it alsocomes with many benefits for the fleet operators both large and small.

The Electronic Logging Devices have a significant impact on the truckers. The installation of the ELDs or the electronic logging devices is a boonfor truck drivers operating over long distances and fleet operators alike. The ELD is a sophisticated hours of service recording device that enables a driver to record his HOS status efficiently and flawlessly in a faster, smoother, and effortless way. This requires no prior training.The device also ensures that the truck owners get a real time update of the power and motion status of the vehicle,the fuel use, the down times etc. It also warns about the violations and required repair of the vehicle in advance thereby saving time and money.

Besides helping in maintaining a sound and unambiguous relationship between the fleet managers and the drivers, as there is no chance of dishonesty involved on the driver’s part, the drivers caneasily invest more time and energy in driving, because they do not have to waste their hours preparing lengthy manual paper logbooks recording their days work status. This improves productivity and reduces cost.

The electronic logging devices are also an efficient way to ensure road safety. The drivers are compelled to be careful while on duty because all their activities are promptly recorded in the logging devices installed in the vehicle engine. This results in minimum negligence.

The impeccable recording of the drivers’ hours of service also ensures that each driver gets adequate amount of rest between shifts and there can be no possibility of unintentional or deliberate HOS breach. Therefore, it is evident that ELD compliance empowers both drivers and fleet owners alike.


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