Eld Compliance Helping out Business Owners

Posted By : Ebenezer 10/6/2017 5:50:49 AM   |  Eld Compliance

ELD Mandate

Commercial vehicles are an important part of the lifestyle which people are living these days. There is a need for commercial vehicles to transfer goods, or to act as taxis and for many other requirements. If you are the owner of a company, it might be difficult for you to keep track of the vehicles on the road. Additionally, the drivers can also be fraudulent and be misusing the resources of the company. Eld compliance is very helpful to such business owners who want to be free from any worry of disruption by their drivers. 


The latest technology provides a solution to such problems and enables the owners of the vehicles to locate their car at any point of time. A Government mandate has made electronic logging devices compulsory because this keeps away the owners from the fraudulent behavior of their drivers. These devices are fitted to the engines of the cars and a mobile application is installed on the Smartphone of the owner. With the help of this app, he/she can see where the car is, get real-time alerts and automate review logs for hours of service violation. 


Things to know before getting eld compliance:


Can the eld compliance devices be seen by the employees?

Make sure that the eld compliance device is installed discreetly in the vehicle, difficult to find and is corrupt proof. It is great to opt for a device which sends you a signal when it is tampered with. 


Are there any regular payments made in order to keep the app up to date?

It might be the case that at the time of purchasing the services at a cheap price, but then later each and every update is chargeable. And hence, it is better to confirm this aspect with the company and choose a company which provides free software updates to the clients. 


What is the duration between two consecutive hours of service reports?

Make sure that the real time reports’ duration is not much. A maximum of 45 seconds gap is enough for the two consecutive reports. 


The US government has made eld compliance mandatory which can also be an advantage to the business owners. ELD Mandate is one of the best companies offering electronic log mandate which is very trustworthy. Those willing to purchase such devices can contact them. 



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