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ELD Mandate

Automobile industries in the present days are having a boon of profit along with extended customer satisfaction due to the advent of the Eld Mandate in the widespread market. Exclusive service with awesome features makes the Eld Mandate one of the best among the top eld providers.


What should one look for while choosing eld devices?

Ø Extensive facilities

Ø Affordable rates

Ø Easy usage

Ø Widespread online support

---and so on….


Then why Eld Mandate!

Ø 24*7*365 online support with backend sustenance

Ø Easy installation and simple handling processes

Ø Client-Owner oriented product

Ø FMCSA certified


All about certification!

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration widely known as FMCSA being a trademark of motor trade diligences has today increased the value of ELD Mandate to a excessive extent by becoming its greatest aspect. Features of compliance possessed by being a part of FMCSA registered organization----


ü Easy HOS (Hours of Service) computerization

ü Prompt report transfer for roadside halts

ü Storage of logging data is possible for a minimum of six months on the server

ü DOT & HOS violation reports are inevitably archived

ü Errors in logs informed through the advanced trucking app

ü Back end solutions for reporting and management done


Then what would be the cost?

Eld Mandate is an online eld device with cost effective implementation. Among the major Eld Providers, it has the lowest overall cost as per the eld comparison chart. It has been jeweled with various competitive plans so as to satisfy each possible user. Even some of those plans bear no upfront costs. Facilities of monthly pricing are available as well. The electronic logging devices comparison table shows that ELD Mandate has an alternative of month to month agreement convenience. Instead of a 3 years or a 5 years contract it gives a prospect to renew terms on monthly basis. Consequently, clients are not bound to use it for years. There are choices that they may leave and move on.


Hence the awesome features that makes the Eld Mandate exception in the market are:

· Pre Arrival Review System(PARS), Pre Arrival Processing System (PAPS), Proof of Delivery (POD), and other amenities has prepared these devices valuable to a massive level with inbuilt cloud based software

· IFTA coverage makes it relaxing, stress-free and modest

· Clienteles who run our software appreciate the user friendly nature

· Chiller, livelier and more result-driven equipment thus created


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