ELD Mandate Offers the Best Electronic Logging Devices for Transport Operators

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ELD Mandate

Being a transport owner/operator, remaining informed about the truckers operating under you but driving at farther distances is an important responsibility. The manual entry of the “driving” and “no driving” time could hardly be trusted, which has thereby led to the emergence of automatic electronic logging devices. Having an all-time accessible log report has been a necessity for the transport carriers operating all across the USA. With the development of the best electronic logging devices, the instant availability of the log records has been made possible; making sure operators could make certain effective strategic decisions based on the details that they receive.


What Does ELD Do?

As soon as you become a registered user of the ELD Mandate and get the login details to access the records of your drivers, you get connected to the platform where you receive all details about the HOS or hours of service of drivers. ELD Mandate, in short, has introduced the best ELD for owner operators of the transport sedans using which they can easily track the drivers’ movements and deal with the issues, if any, more smartly.

ELD, in simpler terms, is an advanced alternative to the manual paper-based records that were maintained in the past. These are the tools, which for the first time have enabled tracking real-time status of the sedans moving on the US roads. Along with this, these devices also assure of a significant level of security to the goods being carried by the drivers to the respective destinations.


How Do You Know Our Logging Device is the Best?

If you compare ELD Mandate with other service providers around, you will have so many reasons to choose us. Well, to justify your choice, you can prepare a comparison chart and check for yourself how we offer the best ELD for owner operators of the American transport industry. Our ELD complies with the standards of FMCSA and hence the tool is well-equipped with Bluetooth technology to enable instant sharing of reports for you.

With easy installation and simple navigational interface, the tool appears to be the best for non-tech-savvy operators. The maintenance of the device is hassle-free and we take care of the system upgrades, whatever is available from time to time. We, at ELD Mandate, are capable and efficient enough in providing all service and support to different transport operators, irrespective of the number of commercial vehicles they own and operate.


What Makes You Choose Us?

• The legal compliance

• The user-friendly interface

• The individual benefits for operators and drivers

• The advanced operating system

What’s unique about us at ELD Mandate is that we offer an exclusive set up for the basic vehicles and drivers that help in the maintenance of the reports of each vehicle and driver of the respective clients.


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