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ELD Mandate

The user groups it includes!

Eld Mandate has been introduced in the market as a software system oriented technological boon. It is not meant for tech savvies only. Under skilled, less educated, or illiterate class of the society can also enjoy the immense benefits of using this equipment. Thus Eld Mandate is providing service to a larger community than before so as to make them financially strong without any sort of mandatory training. Drivers, truckers, fleet operators even in rural or less developed areas can continue the automobile business smoothly instead of facing odd challenges.


What has it proved?

Today in spite of presence of so many eld devices in the market, Eld Mandate has proved itself to be one of the best eld for owner operators. Unlike those days when there were lots of confusions between the customers and the trade owners regarding the exact time and location of the goods delivery, situation has completely changed. Being on time is now a matter of ease for the drivers. Even if they are not aware of the area of the delivery, the system shows their way. Hence client satisfaction along with on time trade are now the most earned characteristics of these trading industries.


Features that makes it Awesome!

Ø Easy installations

Ø User friendly logging options

Ø Smooth operations in real time

Ø Feasibility of online support

Ø Customer service oriented product

Ø Most affordable rates

Ø Driver Vehicle Information Report (DVIR) is revealed on the back 

Ø IFTA reporting is easily handled


All about the Pricing:

Eld Mandate being one of the best eld devices has been hosted with the significant E logging system for the truckers.Affordable range makes it most attractive to the clientele. Wide range of experience has made the device competitive in the prevalent market.


Prime Motto

Eld Mandate is aimed to connect its users with the compliant software to make the online operations efficient and less time consuming.it has been manifested as the best electronic logging device through extensive market research.


Our Advantages

ü A Trustworthy, compliant and reliable company

ü Over 75 years' combined experience

ü Advantage to produce a better and more user friendly application

ü Able to develop the best eld for owner operators

ü Capable to bring a fully compliant solution to the table

ü software is cloud based

ü manages all the nuances

Offers user friendly application


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