Driver Log Book Fictions And Facts – Know Before You Buy

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ELD Mandate


There are lots of rumors and myths on the market regarding fleet tracking devices that help truck drivers remain compliant with the ELD Mandate. Let's find out the real story here.

The arrival of any new technology in the market begins the questioning of its efficiency and functionality. The same thing happened with the introduction of ELD Mandate or Electronic Logging Devices in the transport industry. There are many reports about the technology and its effect on this industry as well as on the truck driver.

There is a long list of myths regarding the new driver log book roaming around in the market. However, before you invest in any such device, you should know all the facts so that you can feel relaxed and confident about your decision.

Myth 1: ELD is mandatory only for large truck drivers


The ELD rule is for every commercial driver with some exceptions. All driversthat are presently required to maintain a complete paper log for more than 8 days in a 30-day schedule are required to have an ELD. The exceptions are for the drivers who drive car models manufactured before 2000. Also, if the vehicle that is driven on the road is considered a commodity itself, then it is counted as an exception.

Myth 2: ELDs are too expensive


The myth was real during initial stages, but now with the increased number of ELD manufacturers in the USA market, the price of the latest ELD devices is reduced to a great extent. Now, businesses or individual drivers can easily buy and install this device on their vehicles without spending too much money. Besides, considering the cost of the conventional paper log system as well as the hazards of fleet tracking through papers, you can easily invest in a new ELD for better performance and improved revenue.

Myth 3: ELDs can physically stop your cars


No, they cannot. Yes, it is true that an ELD can record the engine data and keep a continuous track of your vehicle when you are Driving or On-Duty Not Driving. However, the driver is and will be completely under the control of the car and he or she will take all the decisions of when and how the vehicle will be stopped on the roads. An ELD cannot take control of your car.

Myth 4:The Government can track your vehicle at all times


No, they cannot. They can get the log of the vehicle or know your HOS compliance record through the device, but that does not mean they can monitor it anytime they want. They cannot control it or control your vehicle while you are driving the vehicle. Onlyemployees of the fleet operator that purchased the ELD device can view the ELD data. This allows operators to keep track of the vehicle and make business decisions based on that.

Myth 5: ELD can be a risky investment; in fact, it is something that can increase your business expenses rapidly


When it comes to considering the cost of installing ELDs and using it regularly, often people forget to add the benefits it offers. In the process of fleet tracking, it is proved to be one of the most lucrative investments. It offers countless benefits and improves the overall performance of the drivers as well. It can help drivers reduce their stress while driving as well as assist them to complete their duty hours easily. They can save time through the electronic logging process and that improves the overall performance of the business, which can help with the annual revenue.

The main goal of introducing ELDs and announcing the ELD Mandate is to help commercial drivers drive safely and efficiently on the roads and avoid the risk of accidents. You need to choose the best ELD device to ensure the best performance of your drivers as well as your fleets on the roads.



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