Benefits of an Electronic Logbook for Truckers

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ELD Mandate

Gone are the days when individuals needed to depend on manual sections in truckers/logbooks for the hours of service log. With the Hours of Service (HOS) programming module, making the logbook section, recording, and collection of information has turned into a completely mechanized process. It is an easy method. Electronic logbook for truckers with the GPS wipes out the requirement for manual audits. The workload of the driver is simplified because it is easy to understand and easy to use which also facilitates rapid data entry.


Benefits of Electronic logbook for truckers


Details of Data Recorded

  • With the assistance of electronic hours of service log, the following HOS total times in-use data of each driver is recorded. 
  • Auditors can undoubtedly see the log and look for possible violations. 
  • Better use of hours, faster roadside inspections and proof of safe driving.
  • Most truckers find their new, paperless logbook to be far better than outdated record-keeping. Using electronic logbook certainly, makes DOT compliance easier and faster than ever before.


It provides instant information with a click of a button regardless of whether we are in the workplace, out in the field, outside of normal business hours or in a remote area.


Subsequently, Electronic logs for truckers are of extraordinary help for all the transportation organizations that are attempting to keep a record of their driving hours.


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