Availing the Benefits of the Driver Logs

Posted By : Omar 10/11/2017 4:54:10 AM   |  Driving log

ELD Mandate

Maintaining a logbook was one of the most difficult tasks for business owners of commercial vehicles. Most businesses had a paper logbook system which involved a lot of additional time during which employees could do something productive. According to the government of the USA, Electronic Logging Devices are mandatory in trucks, which will be used for driver logs to maintain their hours of service. Some drivers think it's an overreach, while other owner-operators see it as an added expense and blockage that could put them out of business. This article discusses some of the benefits of ELD devices. 


Benefits of driver logs to the drivers:


Fill out hours of service logs with the touch of a button: ELD devices make it easier for the drivers to maintain their hours of service and maintain driver logs.


Automated IFTA: These devices assist the drivers in getting rid offilling out paperwork which is generally required. 


Better use of hours: since the company has a new mode of maintaining the log, the hours of services is utilized in doing something productive. 


Proof of safe driving: as it can be monitored by the company owner, he/she can maintain a check on the proper driving of the vehicle.


Faster roadside inspections: if these devices are installed, the inspections become easier and quicker making things convenient for the driver. 


Few facts regarding the driver logs:


Only authorized employees with the trucking company can view ELD data to locate a vehicle. If the truck is being used for personal reasons, they'll only know the 10-mile vicinity of where the truck is.


Certain technologies keep you from starting your truck, it exists, but it's not part of the ELD mandate.


Some trucking businesses that were already teetering on the edge might get pushed out, but companies who keep their driver logs in order should come out of the ELD mandate looking even more competitive.


Electronically generated driver logs will cost more up front, but the increased productivity makes them cheaper in the long run. If you spend 20 minutes a day filling out Hours of Service and Record of Duty Status reports, you could be missing out on a huge sum annually. 


Brokers and shippers want to work with owner-operators who are on top of their driver logs.


Eld mandate is one of the most reliable companies providing driver log services in USA which is very helpful to commercial car owners. 


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