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ELD – The Best of Opportunities

Posted By : Admin 8/19/2019 7:05:02 AM   |  electronics

The user groups it includes!

Eld Mandate has been introduced in the market as a software system oriented technological boon. It is not meant for tech savvies only. Under skilled, less educated, or illiterate class of the society can also enjoy the immense benefits of using this equipment. Thus Eld Mandate is providing service to a larger community than before so as to make them financially strong without any sort of mandatory training. Drivers, truckers, fleet operators even in rural or less developed areas can continue the automobile business smoothly instead of facing odd challenges.


What has it proved?

Today in spite of presence of so many eld devices in the market, Eld Mandate has proved itself to be one of the best eld for owner operators. Unlike those days when there were lots of confusions between the customers and the trade owners regarding the exact time and location of the goods delivery, situation has completely changed. Being on time is now a matter of ease for the drivers. Even if they are not aware of the area of the delivery, the system shows their way. Hence client satisfaction along with on time trade are now the most earned characteristics of these trading industries.


Features that makes it Awesome!

Ø Easy installations

Ø User friendly logging options

Ø Smooth operations in real time

Ø Feasibility of online support

Ø Customer service oriented product

Ø Most affordable rates

Ø Driver Vehicle Information Report (DVIR) is revealed on the back 

Ø IFTA reporting is easily handled


All about the Pricing:

Eld Mandate being one of the best eld devices has been hosted with the significant E logging system for the truckers.Affordable range makes it most attractive to the clientele. Wide range of experience has made the device competitive in the prevalent market.


Prime Motto

Eld Mandate is aimed to connect its users with the compliant software to make the online operations efficient and less time consuming.it has been manifested as the best electronic logging device through extensive market research.


Our Advantages

ü A Trustworthy, compliant and reliable company

ü Over 75 years' combined experience

ü Advantage to produce a better and more user friendly application

ü Able to develop the best eld for owner operators

ü Capable to bring a fully compliant solution to the table

ü software is cloud based

ü manages all the nuances

Offers user friendly application

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Invest in Eld Right Now For A Secured Fleet Management

Posted By : Admin 6/19/2019 12:19:49 AM   |  Electronics

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA has stated and emphasised the fact that all long haul commercial vehicles should be braced with an FMCSA compliant electronic logging device by December 18th, 2017, the first deadline to comply with the elog mandate. Failing to do that would result in going out of business because any commercial motor vehicle operating in the long distance without a standard electronic logging device would be declared out of service and hence made redundant.

It has been stated by many involved in the transport business that the hefty prices and the exorbitant cost of installation of the electronic logging devices are out of their reach. Some havevoiced their concern about the fact that the mandate may even violate the privacy rights of a trucker. This fact is, however, erroneous. The electronic logging devices price is reasonable and this mandate does not probe into privacy of a trucking company. A host of other benefits are also offered by the ELDs like logbook auditing and advanced GPS tracking. These devices are thoroughly compliant with the ELD mandate and are updated at regular intervals to keep up with the changing and modifying rules and regulations.

There are many reliable service providers in the USA who offer high quality ELD devices for sale at affordable prices. This means no trucker has to deprive himself of the numerous advantages of the electronic logging devices and can get qualified to operate safely across the length and breadth of the USA.

The ELDs have been designed to track the hours of service of a driver and complete the documentation process automatically and accurately.The ELDs also record all the on duty,not driving and on-duty and off-duty status of the truckers.

The ELDs display the record of duty status graphically so that drivers can be aware of their HOS limits. This helps to avert any unintentional or deliberate hours of service breaches and also any penalty or fine levied to the driver due to the lapse in documented logs.

By recording the HOS and averting its breach the device allows the drivers to get adequate rest in between shifts and thus avoid fatal accidents. This also ensures the security of the vehicle, the shipment and the driver’s life.

It is an advanced operating system that automatically alerts the respective manager and the driver in case of any violation.

The ELDs are capable of providing information that can be addressed for enforcement of traffic laws as per the Government.

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Elogbooks – The Ultimate Trouble Shooters For Fleet Operators

Posted By : Admin 3/30/2019 10:44:46 AM   |  Electronics

It is necessary for all trucking companies to maintain a high safety score to help secure the working environment for the drivers of the CMVs (Commercial Motor Vehicles). This end is served by elogbook because it alerts both drivers and the fleet operators when the drivers are nearing the 11- hour service limit. This system has noticeably reduced road accidents caused due to fatigue and over working of the long haul drivers. The ELDs facilitate rapid and simplified data updating that can be easily operated by the drivers with limited knowledge about GPS tracking.


The electronic log book also saves the drivers’ time and effort that was formerly spent in filling out paper logs. Further the paper logs could easily be tampered with while the real-time, up-to-date information provided by the Elog can never be lost or replaced.


It is wise to have an elog book onboard the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) because an ELD automatically records the date, time, location information and vehicle mileage, identification information of the driver and the authenticated user at a fixed interval of 60 minutes.Even a smartphone or any other wireless device may be used as an ELD as long as the said device meets the technical specifications set down by FMCSA.


It is mandatory for a motor carrier to keep both the ELD Records of hours of service data and a back-up copy of that data on a separate device for a period of six months. The CMV carrier must ensure that these records are stored securely to protect driver privacy.


A good quality ELD must be integrally synchronized with the engine of the CMV hence automatically capturing the engine power status, vehicle motion status, distance covered and mileage of the vehicle, simultaneously switching to driving mode once the vehicle starts moving up to a pre-determined speed threshold of five miles per hour. It must also convert captured vehicle position in latitude/longitude coordinates into geo-location information that indicates the approximate distance and direction to an identifiable location.

Faster roadside inspections and a substantial reduction in the general downtime and idle time of the vehicle is guaranteed by the modern day Elogs.

Elog books are capable of recording information in a uniform pattern that can be turned into the law for compliance purposes in a number of approved ways. Elogs help in compiling and submitting audit reports online. Thus ensuring the audit procedures are passed in a secure manner.

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Trucking Business Reach Beyond the Horizons with Truck Log Book

Posted By : Admin 3/19/2019 11:23:46 AM   |  Electronics

The ELD or truck log book is chiefly used to keep an efficient and accurate track of the Hours of Service of the running commercial motor vehicle and the driver. Intentional or unintentional breach of HOS is rampant in the trucking industry. Various major accidents have been caused due to overworking of truck drivers. It allows proficient truck drivers and business engine transporters to effortlessly track hours of service hence ensuring an effective elimination of HOS breach.


The otherpurposes of ELDs or Electronic Logging Devices are to record the motor engine data and keep a continuous track of a commercial motor vehicle when it is being driven or is on Not Drivingor On-Duty mode.


As opposed to the widespread idea that ELD is mandatory only for the large truck drivers it is obligatory for every commercial driver with some exceptions. All drivers that are presently required to maintain a complete driver log book for more than 8 days in a 30-day schedule are required to have an ELD. The exceptions are for the drivers who drive car models manufactured before the year 2000. Also, if the vehicle that is driven on the road is considered a commodity itself, then it is counted as an exception.


The ELD device or the logbook app does not only track the HOS of the driver and the engine but also provides all-round protection to the vehicle and the consignment transported.The color-coded warning flags let one know the basic status of the vehicle engine at any time thus avoiding delays, equipment failures, cancellations, lost revenue and cumbersome repair costs.


ELDs automatically connect to the commercial vehicle’s engine to track if the vehicle is turned on. Electronic logbook is accessed via the internet hence there is no need to purchase, assemble or keep up an IT foundation.


The device assists fleet operators with the vivid data of acceleration and mileage, the area covered, utilization of fuel etc., thereby, providing them with knowledge and profit information on the go. It helps the owner of a companykeep track of the running vehicles and check the drivers from fraudulent practices and misusing the companyresources. ELDs even present information in a uniform pattern which can be turned into the law for compliance purposes in several approved ways. These devices are effectively accessible from anywhere at any time besides being affordable the service providers also offer quality log book auditing or GPS tracking assistance as per the requirements of the fleet operators.


Hope the data proves helpful to the prospective ELD users in making a prudent choice!

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