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Our crafted technology has been fine-tuned for years, specifically designed to fit the needs of the trucking industry. We've made it simple. Keep you're eyes on the road, we'll handle the rest.

Competitive Pricing, Service & Technology Unmatched

Hit the Road TM

Packaged to hit the road running

Our Hit the Road Package bundles together all of a truck driver's technology requirements at an unbeatable price

  • • ELD Vehicle Subscription
  • • Tablet with Accessories
  • • 1G Data Plan

Complete trucking system at your fingertips

A Full TMS that does it all. Our system allows the trucking company to run their entire business by taking loads, assigning loads to drivers, collecting invoices, managing clients, managing brokers, managing trucks, paying drivers, accounting and book-keeping.

  • • Cloud-based platform
  • • Full Accounting
  • • Vehicle & Driver Managment
  • • Messaging
  • • Vendor Management
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Advanced TMS

Tablet Package

Hardware crafted specifically for your needs

Tablets that can take care of ELD compliance and navigation without using having to use a personal device.

  • • 8" 4G Tablet
  • • Data Plan (1GB/2GB)
  • • 5 Accessories

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