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Log Book Compliance

FMCSA ELD Compliance made simple.
We provide hardware that is very easy to install and
software that is very easy to use.


The ELD Mandate was established with the objective to install ELD hardware onto each truck on the road. We simplify the process of installing ELD hardware and have a user friendly app that can be used by Truck Drivers with minimal or no training.

Our prices are economical while having very reliable hardware and software loaded with advanced features to help all aspects of the job. This has made us the most sought after provider of Electronic Logging Device solution in the industry.

ELD Mandate HOS app

Compliant Solutions:

Our hardware installation is very simple and does not require a technician. Our software platform is very user friendly and simple use. Also, our friendly professionals are standing by to show you a demo and answer all your questions, now and in future.

ELD Mandate HOS


Our reliability proves why a large number of fleets have opted for us as their partner to ensure FMCSA compliance.


The cheapest ELD solution with a minimal monthly license fee and low/no upfront pricing!

Optimize Your Security Score

Reduce audit times, pass through inspections, and expel violations.

Advanced Operations

Reduce controlling tasks with HOS visibility and near real-time vehicle tracking.


ELD Mandate is there for drivers with 24x7 support for any support that is needed.


Whether you’re an Owner Operator or the owner of a large fleet, ELD Mandate’s got your back!

ELD Mandate offers HOS solutions for drivers by connecting the hardware to the software via blue-tooth. Drivers just need to sign in to the application and start driving while their Hours of Service is managed automatically.
  • Get HOS status real time in the driver’s hands and the back office.
  • Use advanced technology to accept new requests and transition to new regulations with software updates.
  • Share alerts to the driver to prohibit violations before they untimely run out of hours.
  • Keep your managers and dispatchers in touch with resting hours to get the goods delivered securely and within time.

ELD Mandate HOS:

ELD Mandate is super easy to use! You will not only be compliant, but you will also benefit the convenience of going paperless, saving time, and avoiding violations.

You will get a ready-to-use software solution that lets professionals easily attach photographed documents to a truck or trip related documents, Pre Arrival Processing System(PAPS), Pre Arrival Review System(PARS), Proof of Delivery (POD), and Others.

Get All the Applications Your Vehicle Needs.

Log book Auditing

Get real-time alerts and automatically audit logs for HOS violations.

GPS Tracking

Track entire fleet live and know the recent location and history of each vehicle.

Electronic Logbook App plus ELD

Get flexile with the most affordable ELD system.

Phase 1 : Awareness and Transition Phase: The two year period following publication of the ELD rule February 16, 2016 to December 18, 2017. During this time, carriers and drivers subject to the rule should prepare to comply, and may voluntarily use ELDs.

ELD Mandate is 100% compliant with the new rules and is regularly updated to maintain any further rule modification or mandates. We are registered and self-certified with FMCSA.

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